Humanoid robots
Autonomous robots -- Khepera
Autonomous robots -- Koala
Robotics laboratory at the Institute of Computer Science

Welcome to the website dedicated to the experimental and evolutionary robotics at the Institute of Computer Science at the Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava.

At the present time, the issue of robotics is highly relevant. Be it in the search of new application opportunities of computer science, but also in the search of in-depth knowledge of some of the informatics phenomenons. It can deal with research of effects of dynamically changing environment on the behavior of devices operated by computing technology (eg. robots), phenomenons of artificial evolution in so-called multi-agent systems, emergence phenomenons and so on.

Large development in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and drones didn’t go unnoticed by the Institute of Computer Science. Staff and students deal with a large variety of problems from the area of UAV.

Gradually, from different sources, two unique laboratories built at the Institute of Computer Science FPF SU in Opava for experiments in the area of collective robotics. First, older laboratory concentrates on work with “ground units,” whereas the second, newer one is dedicated to “aircrafts.”

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